This post is caused by many years of data, amassing data, and lastly delivering everything along within one put

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This post is caused by many years of data, amassing data, and lastly delivering everything along within one put

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It offers cultivated beyond the very narrow purposes of determining some changes in the Vega produced banjo products, particularly the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone, to incorporate once the name stamps changed. You will findn’t attempted to accommodate a romantic date with the serial data, but that suggestions — although at the best speculative and rough — exists someplace else, like Mugwumps on the web. For the collector/scholar, it is important merely to see whenever variations occured. When it comes to customer, it’s important to realize an instrument being sold as “all original” probably try. A number of the facts here helps.

The vast majority of tailpieces and many of tuners in addition originated in Waverly

First, you will need to learn some truth. Almost all the steel section for almost the East coast banjo producers happened to be given by one team — Waverly songs goods of the latest York, NY, operating from prior to the change associated with millennium before the 1970s whenever they comprise acquired by Stewart-MacDonald of Athens, OH. I interviewed Waverly’s after that proprietor, a Mr. Lomb — boy and grandson on the creators, at the beginning of 1970 when he got place the business on the block. The guy said that Waverly, for whom he had worked since their pre-teens, got given all of the metal areas and items for the banjo designers. Within his working area he showed me lots of activities, cutters, resources, and dies utilized in deciding to make the peanuts for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, vital and all the regular peanuts we keep company with the best producers. Waverly additionally generated many, diverse, stretcher rings, the easy metal hoops employed for tone rings in the more affordable tools, plus some of components that went inside more sophisticated tone rings. Additionally they produced the different shoes and hooks, through the Cobra hooks used on early Fairbanks into the modern-day flat and round hooks. That there had been people making some components are indisputed, but Waverly generated nearly all of they. I’m not sure as long as they generated the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone assemblies or if some of the areas comprise made locally immediately after which put together at Vega — more apt circumstance.

It’s likely that Vega did not stamp the serial quantity on a rim until best system, just before it was ready to feel delivered. Ever since the wheels were assembled individually through the necks, and because Vega made sold various types (5 sequence, tenor, electric guitar, mandolin, plectrum, etc.) they stands to reason that the serial numbers was not afixed through to the neck and rim happened to be mated. This would clarify the reason why some wheels posses devices and standards after the energy whenever some section comprise disountinued. It appears particularly true the earlier in the day Vega # 7’s and #9’s which plainly bought in modest volumes, and also the assembled wheels might wait for some time. It will not give an explanation for evident anomolies of identity stamps showing up with serial rates sooner than expected. Two possible details eventually me — there are others. Very first is just a reporting error, but I have come across some in person, and come delivered pictures of other individuals. The other possible reason could be your banjo got returned to the manufacturing plant, given another throat with brand-new logo stamp, but numbered utilizing the old serial wide variety. Your ideas about this and any other element connected to this study become welcomed.

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