They are scammers will get all your personal bank information and won’t give you a dime

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They are scammers will get all your personal bank information and won’t give you a dime

They suck. Pus they are scammers. Please do not go into debt using them. They are polite frauds. Do not let them access your bank account find some money another way like for instance do a possible loan. They are good and reasonable. Not all these hidden ridiculous fees and they work with you. Spot Loan also ok but they charge ridiculous outrageous fees like fubu get 300 you’ll pay 2000. People wake up find a 2nd job. Do something else. Have yard sale anything but get these loans especially Liberty and Spot Loan. They are robbing folks and leaving us in a lifetime debt. So people think before you jump.

I’m very disappointed with the service I received in regards to this loan. I realized that that APR is very high and I no longer wanted the loan even though I was approved. They told me it’s nothing that they can do even though the loan was in the process of sending out the payments to my credit cards WHICH AREN’T PAID YET BY THEM. I only did the loan because I was convinced by a debt specialist from National Debt Relief that it’s the best option for me but most of my credit has 0.0 APR for 18 months so had time to pay my cards off without being charged interest. There should be an option for people who no longer want the loan because things happen and to say that you have to take a loan you no longer need is unheard of. Now I’m stuck with this unnecessary loan.

I was referred to Liberty Lending by Nat’l Debt Relief. I was denied after they did an initial credit check and the reasons given for the denial were NOT on my credit records:

I am considering reporting them online payday AL for Fair Credit Reporting violations

I wrote and asked for more details as these were not valid reasons and the reply I got stated “We are sorry that you are disappointed, this was not our intention. At that time, an opportunity with Liberty Lending was not available and the inquiry will not impact your credit. ” As you can see they did NOT address my questions which leads me to assume this company and their partner National Debt Relief are both scams. I will just negotiate with my creditors myself and leave these two companies out of my life and recommend others do the same.

The application process with Liberty was fairly easy and they made my payment the 15th which was perfect since I get paid on that date. They said that I should just jump online and pay it. But I didn’t know that I had to go online two days before that date and when I did, they wouldn’t let me make the payment. It made me go two days ahead. It was my first payment and I was freaking out. They told me not to worry about it but that’s not what I am and I do worry about it. It was only for two days but last month, I went online on the 13th and scheduled my payment for the 15th.

If you are unsure of this loan and in doubt DO NOT COMPLETE THE APPLICATION

I went with Liberty after talking with the loan counselor. He was very knowledgeable and able to answer my questions. We talked about a few different options. He was a good guy. The application and underwriting process worked out fine. It was very easy, very smooth and very straightforward. It took four days from start to finish.

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