Furthermore, this new prosecution ideal you to independent DNA pages failed to constantly indicate additional some body

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Furthermore, this new prosecution ideal you to independent DNA pages failed to constantly indicate additional some body

Along with instances when these people were a totally some other individual, they may have been remaining anytime previously – of the some one not even from another location linked with this situation.

The prosecution concluded that, within the at least one situation where both Josephson and you can Rowland had a really high likelihood of which have DNA provided, Rowland is actually ong five DNA profiles than just perhaps not. That will be an 11 having twenty-seven zeros.

As well as into multi-equipment indoor protects, in which Rowland had good “weak” chances, their DNA was still probably be than just not to ever getting among people accumulated.

Rachel Nguyen

Nguyen, an excellent forensic serologist having SLED having a specialization in the forensic serology said how she’d try to pull DNA out-of research playing with unique chemical compounds and special instrumentation. Brand new DNA would up coming be put in another software to provide investigation to have a great DNA expert.

Nguyen went over numerous swabs and you will she checked. These types of provided swabs regarding information in Chevrolet Impala hence for every single checked out once the assumed self-confident having blood.

The newest security took note of the big date about what the evidence was pulled to your Nguyen’s infant custody: Summer 11 of this 12 months.

Verona Herrera

Currently into the Sc Department of Health insurance and Environmental Control, Herrera are having SLED because the a good forensic serologist during the study away from Josephson’s passing. She focused on pinpointing real water into the facts observe just what are shared with DNA experts.

The girl testimony indicated that, primarily inside data, she tested having blood. Because of the kind of try put, all products which was basically introduced with each other in order to DNA experts was basically detailed given that “thought positive” once the take to utilized, and that turns brilliant red about presence of bleeding, may show confident for compounds other than bloodstream.

New prosecution ran more than numerous products that ranged away from dresses in order to bags. The original of these is a camo-coloured multi-device which had an effective presumptive confident attempt having blood and you can try forwarded to your DNA facts.

Hererra as well as tested cuttings away from bath towels and you may dresses and additionally a sweater, black clothes, and you will a gray Puma hoody one allegedly belonged to Rowland. Every one of these is actually thought self-confident.

When you look at the mix-test, brand new safety reiterated you to she didn’t attempt all the items with many visiting her work environment getting delivered right to DNA experts.

Kimberly Mears

Good SLED forensic scientist concentrating on interested in and you can determining latent prints testified into the multiple factors she checked out and whether or not she could find images.

She was incapable of pick fingerprints toward an aluminium package and aluminum normally, a container away from LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner, Clorox germicidal wipes, a spraying bottle from Buck Standard Domestic Screen Machine, Ideal Jobs whiten, Whal clippers, and you can three plastic gloves. A printing is actually on the multiple-product for the research however, try inconclusive since there wasn’t sufficient detail.

She been able to prove individuals toe and ft impressions that were located on the to the straight back window was indeed those of Josephson. Various things have been available on a case found in a trash can in the Maria Howard’s backyard one to belonged to her.

An envelope with discussing they had both Rowland and you may McFadden’s images. A task away from red duct recording had around three impressions belonging to Rowland to your indoor cardboard.

While in the get across-examination, this new safety reiterated a place by prosecution – you to fingerprints never reveal once they was in fact left – meaning two different people you are going to contact an item lengthy aside nonetheless each other appear whenever processed.

Eric Grabski

Grabski got the brand new mean their role throughout the investigation. They are currently that have a company entitled Envista Forensics but is a beneficial SLED officer to the Fugitive Worry Cluster in the course of the actual situation. He dedicated to recording cell phones and said how he’d get it done playing with mobile phone systems and various suggestions given because of a warrant or legal sales of the cell phone companies – in this case, Verizon.

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