Immediately after Natsu’s imprisonment, Lucy awaits your outside of the palace, and that is asked out-of where other Fairy Tail People in which

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Immediately after Natsu’s imprisonment, Lucy awaits your outside of the <a href="">vietnamcupid</a> palace, and that is asked out-of where other Fairy Tail People in which

Since the duo let by themselves home, Natsu starts to give the lady on the his activities, smiling and you may blushing at the familiar impression

Resting during the the regional mall, she informed me new updates regarding Fairy End you to generated Natsu and you can Happy fairly depressed. [7] With the his vibe, Natsu secret exactly what Makarov has been doing, however, Lucy claims that he’s shed. Merely then, she including berates Natsu having randomly leaving the guild without sharing it having someone basic. However, Lucy apologizes when Natsu try kept speechless, stating that they must away from got a lot to their brains as well. [8]

Lucy invited the 2 on her brand new home, each other becoming amazed observe particularly roomy put rather than the previous family, and you may decided to let them stand, knowing the each other don’t possess an area. In the middle of the night time, Natsu and you can Happy wake-up. Bored stiff, they intend to enter into Lucy’s space and decorate on her deal with, however, come one on one toward map Lucy might have been carrying out to monitor the Fairy Tail users. He know Lucy could have been monitoring the fresh new fellow guild members, and you will temporarily looks at the the woman. [9]

Next day, Lucy awakens and you will is astonished abreast of seeing and you may hearing the new army at the the woman home. Before she will matter that it, Natsu and Happier appear, curious if they have started caught already. Confused, Lucy discusses the two and you can requires what they do have over, however, Natsu merely holds their and you will jumps out of the screen, explaining which he keeps boosted the beacon having Fairy Tail’s restoration. [10]

Natsu, Lucy and you may Happy finds Tuli Community, outside the Fiore boundaries. Natsu notices this new fixed tower the guy shed prior to now, and you may decides to break it again however, is stopped by Lucy. Disappointed, Natsu let out a tantrum that he really wants to let out, getting he purposed his studies to own beating Gray therefore the other solid lackeys. Then looks at Lucy, attempting to participate a fight due to the fact this woman is the only alternatives remaining. Thought to state no, Lucy reveals she in reality trains herself privately, but before they may participate on their own to help you a battle, Natsu experienced one thing. Anywhere between Lucy’s foot, Natsu fired aside Fire Dragon’s Roar, and that point blanc he try brand new theft partners meters aside from their store. However, this is exactly unbeknownst in order to Lucy, exactly who thought Natsu is actually joking up to. [11]

Immediately after releasing her, he says to the girl that they can restore Fairy End, best Lucy in order to tears once the she uses at the rear of, into armed forces chasing after her or him

Inside a-room to your KoToKo Inn, the 3 discussed the fresh new whereabouts of its fellow guild players. Lucy decided they should wade at the ia Scale’s Guild are inside. Natsu happily agreed, when you look at the advice out of assaulting Lyon and you will Jura. Lucy ended up the newest discussion, asking Natsu to help you guess which otherwise is in the told you guild. Started to the metropolis, the 3 watches brand new Lamia Scale’s Thanksgiving Big date event. Calling the past performancers, Chelia and you can Wendy, went the phase and you can sings, plus dances. Natsu and you may Pleased kept a state regarding treat, maybe not trusting Wendy try into posts, to help you eg, Lucy explains how it happened with the Wendy. Happy notices Carla try nowhere. The fresh supposed nowhere person welcomes him or her at the rear of, only to observe Carla within her Transformation Mode. [12]

Natsu, Lucy and you can Happier check outs Wendy on the Lamia Level Guild. Lucy condition Wendy that they are getting straight back brand new guild, and you will exchanges facts about Makarov’s disappearance and Recently Shaped Secret Council. Natsu insisted in order to dont attention the existing people’s whereabouts, when he stumbled on brand new guild to own Wendy, regardless if, she shortly composed their mind, declining to go with them and just stand. Prior to she could identify as to the reasons, Carla goes into the view and you can informs the 3 to get rid of forcing Wendy. Carla requires in the event that’s the decision out of her, and you will Wendy rapidly nodded, one to made the 3 disbelief. [13]

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